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Computer Science PhD. Passionate about Distributed Systems.
Half-stack developer. Curious Learner. Krav Maga black belt.
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Making a reading habit

March 25, 2021

Reading and keep up to date is fundamental for a Software Engineer. These are the tricks I'm using to make reading a daily habit!

Give some ❤️ to your PR

July 12, 2020

Your PRs should be crafted in a proper way. This is important for your work, for your reviewers, and also for you. Let's find out why and how to give some ❤️ to your PR!

What's on my software engineering bookshelf

October 27, 2019

Nowadays there is a lot of source of information. Sometimes a book is the best choice for learning something new. We can keep it on the desk and go through it when needed. If you are wondering "What should I read next?", in this post you will find some suggestions! 😉

Do it like an engineer

June 20, 2019

Solve problems is the core task of every Software Engineer. Let's understand how to do it in a pragmatic and effective way.

How to make a simple application with Akka Cluster

February 26, 2019

Time to go distributed! Let's discover how Akka Cluster can help us building a distributed, load-balanced application. Docker will take care of the deployment of a simple cluster. It's gonna be a lot of fun! 😄