How to understand Scala variances by building restaurants

Type variance in Scala is an “advanced” topic worth to undertand. Let’s try to get it using a food-based example!

July 24, 2019

Do it like an engineer

Solve problems is the core task of every Software Engineer. Let’s understand how to do it in a pragmatic and effective way.

June 20, 2019

Leadership is not made of code

Leadership is made of a lot of things, but for sure it is not made of code

April 15, 2019

How to make a simple application with Akka Cluster

Let’s discover how Akka Cluster can help us building a distributed, load-balanced application. Docker will take care of the deployment of a simple cluster. It’s gonna be a lot of fun! 😄

February 26, 2019

How to effectively learn new things and enjoy it

Learn new things is important, but it is important to do it effectively and with pleasuer as well.

January 23, 2019

A survival guide to the Either monad in Scala

The Either monad in Scala can be a though one, let’s deal with it together!

December 21, 2018

How to build a simple actor-based blockchain

Scalachain is a blockchain built using the Scala programming language and the actor model (Akka Framework).

November 15, 2018